Brand Bim bla was founded as a result of looking for children's product that will harmonize the life and style of their parents.

The philosophy of design is based on the combination of tradition and modern design.

Made by hand from selected materials, because of believe that there is a need for simple and harmonious accessories for children and infants,whose design is in opposition to the modern world,full of impulses from outside.

We want this product to support the joyful and peaceful moments of both children and their parents.

BRIKI VROOM VROOM is a French brand created by Joanna, a book illustrator and Leo, a graphic designer. We offer a large variety of wooden home décor items, charming wooden toys, textile accessories for babies and stationery products with minimalist and trendy looks, all in sweetest tones of colors. Our playful toys stimulate children’s imagination and invite them to tell beautiful stories. Made from highest-grade materials and certified with non-toxic paints. Manufactured in France and in EU.

Calm is an ethical decoration brand for modern families.

All the creations are drawn and handmade by Gaëlle the designer in her workshop in the mountains of Haute-Savoie.

No plastic in the creations, only natural materials like wool and wood.

Created in 2016, French brand Canopea has revolutionised UV-protection garments. Made from recycled fibres, their t-shirts and swimsuits are available in a range of pastel shades and unique silhouettes for both boys and girls. From ruffles to bows, no detail is left unaccounted for. Created for children aged 2 and 10, these products are UPF 50+ and will protect your children against sunburn and the negative effects of harmful and damaging UV-rays. 

ENGEL. is a company filled with laughter. Often it’s full-blown roaring laughter, sometimes a gentle smile, and occasionally we have to wipe away a tear (of joy). ENGEL. is also a company that holds established traditions in high esteem and creates new ones. Since it was founded in 2005, company owner Sabien Engelenburg and her team have been developing beautiful products to decorate life with; it is with good reason that ENGEL. goes hand in hand with the words ‘Celebrate Life’. It all began with coloured fabric ags, after that came pretty paper decorations, bags, and then bamboo tableware. The collection now consists of a highly diverse range of beautiful products. Products for all manner of celebrations, large or small. 


Fabelab stands for children and baby accessories of the highest quality in appealing Scandinavian design. The label designs cuddly pillows, baby blankets and baby blankets made of certified organic cotton. In addition, magically designed lunch bags, imaginative cuddly towels, gauze towels and baby rattle. The design is abstract and child-friendly. Fabelab wants to kidnap the children into the dream and adventure land and encourage them to let their imagination run free and playfully and playfully discover the world. Very important to the label is that the products are produced under fair conditions. Of course, all Fabelab products are environmentally friendly and made from non-polluting materials.

The Vision from Falbiek is to bring functional Product in high Quality in cool Colours and Forms.

In  Fabliek you will find house accessories and toys for children like pillows, cuddly toys, bedding, blankets, rattle in sweet colours and Scandinavian Design.

All accessories are carefully controlled and made from fair trade materials (organic cotton).

First Baby Shoes is a Polish brand creating high quality, cool and stylish DIY baby shoe making kits and soft sole baby shoes. At First Baby Shoes they are passionate about baby feet. They believe that soft bone structure of a baby’s foot should be left to grow unrestricted. Soft and breathable natural leather as well as flexible styrogum sole of First Baby Shoes do not restrict baby‘s foot movement and let the baby feel natural freedom. As parents ourselves, they have carefully selected the materials that are used in our DIY baby shoe making kits and soft sole baby shoes to ensure that their shoes are of the highest quality.

This what they write about their brand :

At Goumi, we aim to make the small mighty. As moms and designers, our thoughtful design approach tackles the tiniest challenges, like jammies crafted for easy, midnight diaper changes to mitts made to protect little hands in the NICU. Every detail is considered. Every stitch has a purpose. It’s this dedication to the small that inspires our name—Goumi! Just like the pea-sized berry we give 10% of our profits to help the communities around us. Because small things add up to make a mighty impact.

French brand Lililotte (a portmanteau of founding moms Nathalie and Charlotte’s names) brings ethical manufacturing to a posh, classic – but mostly adorable – clothing. Look out for Claudine collars, frills, apron dresses, Tunisian shirts, flared blouses, and sailor sweaters... Timeless. All with GOTS certificate.

MANY MORNINGS socks combine decades of experience in the Łódź textile industry with a unique approach to design and a love for a well-made product. Quality matters to us – our production process uses only the finest materials. When it comes to design, we find inspiration in everything that surrounds us. Meeting friends, trying new things, traveling – we learn from each experience to design socks that we would want to wear ourselves. It gives us a joy which we love to share with others!

Milledeux is family owned business based in Denmark.

The idea for this adventure started, when their daughter Emilie was born in May 2014. Since they could not find hair bows that met their quality standards, they decided to produce these themselves.

They decided to only use nickel free metal, certified OEKO-TEX® ribbon and only hairstylist-grade alligator clips with no teeth, but strong enough to stay put in the thinnest of hair and even very short hair. They also decided to offer many different styles and colors to match every outfit. They also offer two collections containing authentic Liberty of London fabric, as this is ever classic and stylish, the best quality and also certified OEKO-TEX®

Since quality is one of the most important parameters for them, they ensure that all our products meet they high quality standards.

All of their products are handmade, using only the best materials.

Beautiful caps and clothes made by hand with utmost care. The brand is carefully selecting their high quality materials (flax, cotton). All the products are made in Poland.

Mói is an urban children’s fashion brand originating from Iceland. Mói’s primary focus is creating stylish and funky clothes for children with a dash of attitude to inspire sustainable living, being free and of full of desire to make the earth a better place. This is done through certified production methods, which are responsible, ethical and organic.


The urban designs feature comfortable garments that can be used by both genders between 0–12 years of age. The classic designs blended with in-style basics are easy to mix and match and wear with comfort on all occasions whether being über cool, playing or partying.

Founded by Martin Pederson in 1937, Scandinavian brand MP have had over 75 years of experience in creating high quality socks and hosiery. Each pair is crafted using the finest wool or softest, stretch cotton to provide a perfect fit and quality that is made to last.

The driving force behind Mr.Tail is a love for fooling around and playing crazy games and a passion to create beautiful and unique objects.

It’s a brand for pixies, urchins, imps and fairies, as well as knights and princesses and for every kid with a vivid imagination and for their parents who want to help them release their energy and turn their daily routine into something out of the ordinary...

Handmade hair clips and hairbands for those occasions when normal just won't do!

These lovely items are lovingly hand crafted in Poland, brought to you by Fabeltier.

Crowns, bonnets, dream catchers and more....!

All made using 100% natural materials [natural linen, satin cotton and cotton type home decor] by artisans in limited numbers. Love and passion included as standard.

Who they are :

In the times of social and environmental challenges that the world is facing at the moment, we gave ourselves a project of creating a product that is made in an ethical way and promotes a positive cultural change.

We are offering you and your little one a range of 100% organic cotton clothes that are produced entirely in Europe with a resolute commitment to quality, fair trade and the environment.


Our mission is to encourage our customers to make more conscious purchasing choices with the emphasis placed on the manufacturing process, origin of the garments, design and quality of materials. We passionately believe that the clothes we and our children wear should be long lasting, free from toxic chemicals and carry a story we can be all be proud of.


We want all our customers to have a lasting impression that Organic Zoo sells authentic products that stay true to our core values.

Play & Go is a Belgian based creative company offering clever, colourful and inspiring products for you, your kids and your home. At Play & Go they understand just how important fun, creative play is for kids.They love designing and crafting quality products that will make kids happy, and put a smile on everyone’s face! With Play & Go you can be sure you are buying quality products that will last a long time and offer great value for money.

Play & Go is a wonderful decoration brand for children. First product and worldwide success is the colourful Play & Go bag. This practical bag is ideal for kids and parents as it encourages play at home or away. The Play & Go bag makes it easy to transport toys and to tidy them away.  Crafted from durable canvas and available in a range of attractive colours, this bag is also a great idea for nursery and playroom storage.

Poofi was created to help you in the greatest and the most satisfying project of your life.

Universal , contemporary design that fits well in every home and reflects the peacefulness and joy of early childhood - there are the building principles of main Poofi collection. A range of soft fabrics ranging from velours and minky  to knitted jerseys are available in toned down colours. All Poofi products are designed and made in Poland, ensuring their great functionality and superb quality.

Raspberry Republic is a very fresh kids’ brand that produces high quality clothing in creative and colourful patterns. They use only GOTS organic cotton of the finest kind. All the process, from the purchase of the raw materials, through printing to the actual sewing of the clothing is being made locally in Poland, which means that they have full control over it. They can therefore guarantee that all of clothing is produced in fair working conditions.

The inspiration comes from a mix of Polish creativity: flora, fauna and all the other things that surround us and a touch of Scandinavian design: half of their company has Swedish roots!

This how they describe they company:  Roe & Joe is a lifestyle.

Lifestyle in harmony with nature, all our things are hand-made in small sewing rooms in Poland, shoes are hand-made in Spain. We follow the zero-waste principle and 98% of each of our items is made of biodegradable materials.

We love simplicity and care for the smallest details.

We produce from natural and environmentally friendly materials, our checkered collection "close to nature" is 30% made of recycled thread.

Combining her Swedish origins and her Parisian lifestyle, Karin started SMÅ to create an adorable sweet line of clothing and bedding for babies and toddlers. Her collections are a fusion from Scandinavian inspiration and French refinement. Season after season, and always in a contemporary way, her passion of fabrics and the savoir-faire of the artisans makes all the charm of SMÅ.

The SMÅ collections are born in our designstudio in the heart of Paris, and produced in Europe, by hand or in small scale production, using environmentally friendly materials as far as possible.

They have chosen to use natural materials produced and prepared from farms and landscapes around us. At SMÅ their main goal is to offer their clients the finest products possible and it is important for them that there is a thought given to every process of the value chain, from idea to final product.

When producing within Europe they can make sure their materials are produced under moral and ethically approved circumstances. They can make sure fair profits are made in order to give the farmers and their cattle acceptable living conditions. They make sure our craftsmen and seamstresses are given the good working conditions in order to produce the fine products they want to offer their customer and their beloved ones.


Remember going to the beach as a kid? Now you watch your own giggling children play in the sand and the water – they don’t even know they are creating memories that will last for a lifetime. Unfortunately, their beach toys probably won’t last the day. Their bucket handle will break as they fill it with water. Their shovel will snap as they dig a moat. You’ll see broken toys strewn across the beach at

the end of the day.


At Quut, we think this is ridiculous. So our toys are different. They’re unbelievably fun. And they last… season after season.


Quut toys are cleverly designed and durable. 

But they’re also fun to play with and look at, 

which means they’ll become part of your kids’ 

‘go-to’ beach toys for endless fun. 

No more broken buckets. No more snapped shovels. It’s a great way to give your kids an amazing day at the beach.


Imagine the difference a Quut toy can make.

ZEZUZULLA is fresh, quickly developing brand from Poland. 

Their motto is:



They are devoted to give you only the best items possible, all made from fabrics with appropriate certificates (eg. OEKO TEX STANDARD and INTERNATIONAL COTTON SIGN).Their production is placed in a small sewing company in Poland, where they can oversee all the manufaturing process.

They are making clothes from the scratch, individually design cuts, prints and overall looks of all the items.